Smoking Solution

So we’ve all been stuck walking somewhere only to realize that the person in front of you has a lit cigarette and (while not knowingly doing so) infecting you with the dreaded smell of smoke.

This irritates me.

My solution?
Get a can of skunk scent and spray them.

Quid pro quo, bitches.

2 thoughts on “Smoking Solution

  1. Get Axe spray. It can smell just as bad in mass quantities…and it’s probably more readily available at Bartell Drugs…plus, you’ll get the added bonus of questioned sexuality.


  2. I was bored, so I started browsing calculator forums. I got really bored, so then I decided to go here (I got the link from your profile).

    Hey, smokers have feelings too (although theirs are cancerous and are full of toxic smoke…).


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