So I go down to the market today to buy some snacky type foods. I find some mandarin oranges, and I pick up a Cup O’ Noodles because I recently ate my last one (The creamy chicken is the best). I round the corner to the chip isle…the deadly pit of all things greasy, salty, flavored and crispy.

I gave in…I had to get some Pringles.

As I was perusing the flavors I find the standard regular, sour cream, and BBQ flavors, the slightly less standard cheddar and salt & vinegar flavors, and then I find something completely different.

Potato flavored potato chips

Yes I know this is completely ridiculous and absurd and while technically speaking the proper name is “Loaded Baked Potato” (therefore leading me to expect slight hints of bacon, cheddar and sour cream all rolled into one with the possibility of green flecks made to represent chives) it still boils down to potato-flavored potatoes…

I’ve nearly finished the entire tube and they were pretty much what I expected. The duck-beak-shaped crisps stacked so neatly atop one another that will satisfy any craving for that something salty, but I’m still slightly perturbed by this.

Am I the only one?

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