I decided to sleep with my head near my desk, instead of near the door. Thought it’d make for a nice change, not to mention easier access to my desktop and laptop–I can run it with my wireless network, but I’d have to reroute power cables if I wanted to run on AC power… since I’m paranoid about not using the battery unless I have to (to cut down on the wasting of it).

I don’t feel like doing anything much: hence the post. blah blah blah… I have to go back tomorrow to take pictures of the condos. Which is cool because I like doing that sort of thing, and the ferry gives me a good hour without internet both ways–excellent times to get some work done on my Political Theory essay due next Thursday.

Yay for pointless blogs…

I suppose I should give this post some point, so there are some really slick (hence the website’s title) screensavers on this site: Really Slick Screensavers. I prefer hyperspace, which is pretty much amazing. You’ll need a fast computer and graphics card though… integrated laptop and motherboard gfx won’t cut it. They’re compatible with Linux, Windows, and OSX (since they only use OpenGL as the rendering engine).

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