Rodents Gone Wild II

Katycicle says: Tell me a story?
Nikky says: okay
Nikky says: Lenny the squirrel was your average small rodent
Nikky says: he liked women, nuts, and hibernation
Nikky says: but Lenny’s normal life was about to change forever
Nikky says: for you see, while at the local nut bar (not as homosexual as you might imagine), Lenny heard some beavers talking about the mysterious  shangri-acorn
Nikky says: it appears that whomsoever discovered and learned the secrets of the shangri-acorn would possess magical powers
Nikky says: including the power to
Nikky says: collect one bushel of food a day
Nikky says: find limitless female squirrels
Nikky says: and hibernate whenever he wanted to
Nikky says: Lenny was ecstatic about this new quest
Nikky says: Glory!
Nikky says: Edification!
Nikky says: Excessive chittering!
Nikky says: but alas
Nikky says: for just when Lenny was about to discover the hidden acorn
Nikky says: the evil chipmunk known as Tino poisoned Lenny
Nikky says: poor Lenny
Nikky says: wandering around, sure to die
Nikky says:when a group of friendly woodland critters magically appeared out of nowhere!
Nikky says: They quickly offered Lenny an antidote, which he accepted with great appreciation
Nikky says: but what Lenny didn’t know
Nikky says: is that the seemingly peaceful woodland critters
Nikky says: were actually satanists
Nikky says: and had already discovered the acorn
Nikky says: and turned its great and mystical power to evil
Nikky says: Lenny soon discovered this
Nikky says: and slaughtered them all
Nikky says: and retired to a life of sleeping, hot squirrel sex, and excessive food consumption
Nikky says: the end!
Katycicle says: thank you
Nikky says: :)

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