Wall of Shame, Episode One

There are lots of people in the world, and some of them are idiots. Personally, I dislike idiots. Every so often, when I run across an idiot, I’ll post the conversation, message, action or whatever else they did.

Names may be altered to protect the stupid.

First message:

Can you please take me off the list serve? i am no longer in the class and i would really appreciate it! thank you

Renato M******
Proud Person of Color
M**** Co-Chair 2006-2007
Internatonal Studies

What’s amusing and horribly ironic about this is that this person decided to not send this to the teacher (who maintains the list), but the entire class list. My response:

You are aware that you sent that to the entire class, right? I'd appreciate if you didn't do that in the future; if you do need to contact them, I'd suggest d********@*.edu

And yes, he did spell “internatonal” incorrectly.

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