A sign?

In all (which admittedly isn’t that much) of the years I can remember living… I’ve never encountered a tame seagull. Keep in mind that I consider any seagull that isn’t paranoid “tame,” but I still think that the encounter this morning significant.
Walking to class in a tired stupor, I came across a smaller species of seagull (one which we don’t have at home) which was seemingly focused on grabbing whatever it wanted to eat that was in my projected path. I expected this bird to hop away or somehow flee from the large human barreling down, like they always else do. I feel bad for them fleeing… since I never want to hurt them, but I suppose it’s just their seagull insurance policy to make sure they’re not ran over or eaten.
Either this seagull had someone evolved the skill of ESP and knew I was not a threat, insanely stupid and somehow ignored my threat, or was tame. I suspect it was tame, but I also suspect that this post has rapidly became a random bit of writing that nobody (including myself) would care to read about. So I’d better stop.

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