Future telling

(10:26:56 PM) Nikky: oh man
(10:27:01 PM) Nikky: I knew that was gonna happen…
(10:27:13 PM) Katycicle: define “that”
(10:27:16 PM) Nikky: I was drinking green tea out of a 1 quart pyrex jar
(10:27:27 PM) Nikky: and soon or later I figured I’d spill it :)
(10:27:30 PM) Nikky: well, I did
(10:27:33 PM) Nikky: not too bad though
(10:27:46 PM) Nikky: and there’s still some left
(10:27:48 PM) Katycicle: :)
(10:27:48 PM) Nikky: awesome
(10:27:53 PM) Nikky: (as his pants are soaked)
(10:28:09 PM) Nikky: that’s intelligence for you
(10:28:16 PM) Katycicle: you’re a genius 
(10:28:18 PM) Katycicle: I won’t deny it

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