So basically, I arrived home at around 3:30PM for winter break, and promptly took over a table for computer type stuff. Imagine my excitement when I heard the power shut off at 12:30AM (approx) that night. Now I could claim that as a rural resident in Western Washington I’m used to prolonged periods of power outages, but it seems that was before the internet was in common usage. Needless to say, it was a very unhappy 56 hours, but I survived. Somehow.

But what didn’t survive was my fish. :(
I guess the cold room and lack of oxygen finally did him in, despite my efforts to introduce oxygenated water. I miss the little guy (although he was rather large for a goldfish).

Let’s see here, the best burritos on the face of this earth are at a place called Casa D’s in Bellevue (a few blocks from the Bellevue Square mall). For $8.50 you get at least a 2 pound burrito of the best food you’ll ever experience. I’m not one for beans, but they’re so good you don’t even notice them. They’re amazing, we go there whenever we’re in the area. Random thought.

I’m kinda wasting time at the moment, in a naive hope that our grades will suddenly be posted a little past midnight simply because the online schedule says they’ll start posting them today.

Photoshop CS3 beta has been released in the past… whenever. I have it downloaded but don’t want to install it while running on a low CPU clock with the laptop. Perhaps when I’m plugged in.

I suspect this is a really random post, probably because it is.

Did I mention that the windstorm that knocked out our power also washed up an amazing amount of clams onto the shore of our beach? It was pretty amazing–we easily picked up 5 full buckets of them. The rest of my family munched on them (I refrained, for I dislike bivalves) and we’re releasing the rest at a lower water level when the tide is favorable.

I think I’ve given up checking the grades for now.

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