Rainy Day

It’s been excessively rainy the past two days here. Well, perhaps I’m characterizing that incorrectly–it’s extremely variable at the moment; this is especially significant coming from someone who has lived his entire life on Puget Sound. I’ve never seen it actually rain at steeper than a 45 degree angle until yesterday and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was quite impressed.

So my last final is tomorrow at 2:30. It’s just a PoliSci essay one, I’m slightly concerned for the question topic, but I’m just comparing this to one of the many AP essay questions and tests, just a little longer answer than expected in this test. But the last final means… going home! I need to admit, I’m usually home on an average of 2 out of 3 weekends, but had to miss the last two because of finals and other work I needed to do.

Onto material stuff, I’m really liking my Creative:M. The sound quality is so much better than an iPod’s, it’s not even funny. I kinda feel sorry for the consuming horde. I do miss my Dell DJ, however. :( Damned thing was built like a tank, its case was solid aluminum. My motherboard also died last Tuesday for the desktop, luckily Dell replaced it under warranty and I received the replacement Thursday that week. But when I was picking up the package, one of the RD’s came out and said something about me running a business in my room… I guess Dell put our business name on the part and they thought it was based here. It was pretty confusing until I realized they just looked at the shipping label.

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