Short story, My camera, bag, all lenses, and battery charger were stolen from my locker on 2/14/2006. The area where it was located is supposed to be under video surveillance, and I saw the live feed from the camera that was covering my locker (it’s a very close and clear shot), but the tape was never started that morning, and thus no video evidence is apparent, the other cameras are iffy at best, even with the camera size. I’m not so mad at the body itself (RebelXT), but of the crown jewel, the Canon L Telezoom, which I miss very much. So I’m getting a Canon EOS20D as a replacement, and get the lens when I can, hopefully I’ll be back with the camera and lens within a month or two. It was insured, but it’s not worth it to claim (as the premium would double), but alas, life goes on, even if I’m without my beloved camera this spring.

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