Ex-Penal Colony

  I found this amusing, needless to say.

  [19:23:24] <calcul831> are you from australia?
  [19:23:59] <calcul831> nvm, I'll get the time myself
  [19:24:41] <Nikky_S> Yes, I'm an aussie mate.
  [19:25:06] <Nikky_S> I'm mad though, there's a billabong outside. :
  [19:25:13] <calcul831> i wonder which time zone tr1p1ea is from
  [19:25:15] <Nikky_S> And all the 'roos are thirsty
  [19:25:19] <calcul831> billabong?
  [19:25:48] <Nikky_S> Don't make me get the hose.

In other news, I got that 50mm f/1.8 last week sometime, it’s pretty nice as a lowlight lens, very sharp (it’s a prime, so that’s expected), and the smallest Canon EF lens out there.
I’m also purchasing a RAID 1 array, consisting of twin 160GB or 300GB Seagate SATA150 drives, which should provide a nice safty margin for data protection, hopefully. In Soviet Russia, Pictures take you!

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