Alien Invasion

Okay, um, where to start.
Yeah, I’ve got it now. Well, Dad and I had already returned and were
watching sports center, right? At about 9:45-ish mom and nina got back
from dance. I heard them talking about “lights and aliens,” from the
computer room and took an interest. They claim to have saw a glowing
line in the bushes near the mailboxes, and possibly a human too, and
seemed quite agitated and such Well, dad and I, possessing testosterone,
and also calling them “nuts” decided to go and look, to prove them
wrong. Well, we drove up, with flashlights and cameras, and didn’t see
anything, so we turned around, then right by the mailboxes… there was
a blue glowing thing. So it was on my side of the car, so I shined a
flashlight down into the bushes, but the light was all we could see.

At this point, we simultaneously decided it was probably prudent to go
and get backup, in this case, Ray, also known as grandpa, he loves this
kind of thing. So we all walk up, armed with phones, cameras and
flashlights, to go look. Up we go, and don’t see anything at first, and
then spot it, at this point, he (grandpa) decided to do what we did back
at the house, after telling mom and nina that they weren’t insane, that
is, urinate. It’s a guy thing.

So then, dad is standing like 15 feet away from grandpa (dad with a
flashlight pointed at Ray), I’m about 5 feet away on the opposite side,
looking in. And then he says “oh, I threw that in there a few days ago.”
It seems he thought it was a perfume bottle, and throw it in the bushes,
but it was just a “finger light,” one of those little LED flashlights.
We then made remarks about how it was interesting that it stayed on so
long, and how anyone noticed in the first place. Funny thing, we can’t
get it off, so it’s outside on the Arbor…

Note: This is directly copied from an email I sent early, hence the slighly less than stellar vocabulary.

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