Germs and Glass

Well, hello everyone, I’m staying home tonight, mainly due to the fact my body is being besieged by some virus, which is rather rare, I’m usually not this sick. I’m sure staying up the entire last week (including until 3 last Saturday night) didn’t help matters, but it was worth it, all the same.

Anyway, my Canon 70-200mm F/4L lens came in on Thursday, and all I have to say is that’s amazing. The optical (and build) quality are simply amazing, not to mention the USM zoom. Quite the upgrade from a DC EF-S 18-55 (Kit lens, maybe $100), to this beast ($684 with UV and polarising filters). I’ve been playing with this when I can, and you should see more pictures coming from this when I get better. Now this is how a (D)SLR is truly supposed to be, a lens that is superior to the camera body. So I’m happy about that. It can be handheld (and I’ve used it as such), but for any type of exposure slower than 1/40th of a second I use a tripod, the optical quality is worth it. Anyway, I guess they’re right, once you go L (Canon Professional Series), you never go back to anything less (*gulp* on the wallet). I certainly hope this isn’t mono…

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