Lens ‘n Friends

So after a great night on Saturday (“No Comment”). My parents woke me up at 10:53 (I went to bed at 2:31) with the news that they suddenly changed their minds and decided to get me camera stuff for christmas, and I could order today and use when it arrives. So I got the Canon 70-200 f/4L USM lens, a 67mm HV filter, 67mm Circular Polorizing Filter and the Remote Control RC-1 (for self timer and blub exposures). Total cost: $697 (672 after mail in rebate). I paid about 60 of my own money to suppliment for the filters and such. So it’s a good weekend, except for these Shakespeare essays.

On a related note, I like the following review about the lens, it’s highly amusing.

First off, all of you clowns that are writing something like “F4 too slow” in the “cons” field should be slapped. It’s not like it’s not WRITTEN ON THE BOX. That’s about as idiotic as saying “con- doesn’t fit in my pocket.”That said, this lens does exactly what they say it’ll do and it does it very well. Big long zoom? Check. High quality pictures? Check. f2.8? Nope. Because it’s an f4! *slap* Fast focus? Check. Smooth zoom? Check. f2.8? Still not, it’s still an f4, just like it says on the box! *slap*

The review is from fredmiranda.com, the best place online for photography reviews by those who use the equipment. Best place to buy everything is B & H Photo Video

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