Thunderstorms, Evil Twins and Peer Advisor?

For some odd reason that I have yet to figure out, I’m some sort of leader, advisor, actually, for a bunch of Freshmen. Scary thought, isn’t it. But, I do have a picture of Nikky as a crayola crayon box (pictures of the box, at least.) I’m not telling you the link, however. So there.

Something really weird, however, is the fact that in the Movie Wimbledon, the actor looks freakishly like me. Alia pointed this fact out to me today, and I was scared. You can see a picture of the imposter here. I’m thinking a long lost twin or something.

On a final note, images/rebelxt is being updated a few times a week, my latest batch is weather1-weather6, taken during our latest thunderstorm here. On a related sidenote, I did name all of the images to something at least semi-descriptive. No laughing at the names, however.

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