Trip Debriefs, Summer Activities, and a link or two.

I just realized that I didn’t share about my adventures that occurred in the past few days! So anyway, in our stay in Eugene, which was mainly to move my dad back up (because we worked during the week down there), we did sneak in some sightseeing. So did we go West to Florence? Of course not, we went east to Oakdale. This town is boring. Their idea of grafitti is “Ralph Sucks” on a water tower. Half of the businesses are closed, and it’s just sad really. But still, the area around it is beautiful. There’s a bunch of rivers and dams and just makes the greatest photographs. Speaking of which, I have a great one that I took, get it here. So yeah, I just love that one for some reason.

After we got everythign moved, I realized that I lost my earbuds. That’s another 50 bucks I need to spend to replace them. So I’m pretty bummed about that, oh well.

So then we got home, stayed for two nights, then went to Illwaco for a couple days to visit my dads side of the family. They’re a bunch of fishermen, and pretty funny people. I can see where I got my genes from. And the food there, it was wonderful, freshly cought tuna is amazing grilled. I think I gained some weight there. And I got to use my Aunts Digital Rebel XT, that camera was a dream to use with a 75mm-300mm Canon Lens and my 1GB ultra II CF card. And then, my card reader plug is really twitchy and doesn’t work, so I need to return it to newegg and have them send a new one. And I can’t transfer pictures in the meantime. So they’re stuck on my Canon S230. We saw the fireworks from my Uncles boat in the Illwaco port, that was really amazing.

As for some random stuff, I’m working on in some of my free time, of course, I don’t especially like webdesign, but I’ll tolerate it, but CGI programming, that’s what I like doing. So for volunteering hours I work at the library’s summer reading program a couple times a week, it’s pretty boring, but easy, and I need to get reading in somewhere. So this got long in a hurry. Oh, I also, for some reason, maintain a myspace profile. That’s it for now.

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