Summer Library Fun

So it’s thursday, I know. Suprisingly I lost track of what day of the week it was on, oh, about Monday. I’m also turning into a night creature (yes, I have been accused of being a vampire, which I must deny). Not that I have much of a problem with this though. Anyway, I was a morning person at one time, but I haven’t been for a couple years now.

And yes, I may possibly be volunteering at the library now. Mainly because it’s easy community service hours, and doesn’t involve manual labor. Of course, this year it’s way better, because of someone I managed to convince to work there too. Should be fun this summer. Yeah, I made a dragon mask there too, just letting everyone know about that.

Oh, also, in the images page I added a pinhole pictures part. These were just taken by a pinhole camera I made in Photography a while back. These are the three of the five that I like the most. Kinda abstract, perhaps, but I like them all the same.

It’s not that warm here right now, it was really hot a couple days ago, but luckily that seemed to be a freak occurance. But I started up running a few days a week in the morning again, so doing that before it gets scorching is a high priority. I also got a 1GB Ultra II Compact Flash card yesterday, I already love it with the camera I have now. So yeah, that’s about all for now.

Perchance to Dream…

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