Testing and Jobs

Yes, the week of AP testing has come upon the upperclassmen. How fun is Calc, for instance, that test was not very fun. Or history on Friday, but I’m looking forward to that one. But after this week, no real work for me until next fall. Speaking of work, I saw in the bulletin today a blurb about a job 15-20 hours a week during the summer if you know HTML, and the business is like 5 minutes away. So I went to the career center, and oh, she neglected to mention that you needed to come from a low income family to apply. I’m angry about that, because she even mentioned scripting, and this is just what I like doing. Oh well, I hope nobody applies, so then I can get the job. But after the tests I’ll have more time for myself and will be less cranky. That is it for now.

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